Malaysia, consulting and the opening of the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge..

2 weeks technical support in Malaysia..

Suppliers to renowned global optical equipment makers. Very kind and motivated people here. I very much enjoyed the mindset and the ease of communication in English and my stay in the Evergreen Laurell Hotel. And of course the music store in the mall with a wide choice of musical instruments with keys to be tested 🙂

By the way I was able to compare the traffic on the 1st bridge during 1 week before and 1 week after the opening of south Asia’s largest bridge, named the “Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge” after the current Malaysian King. From tuesday after the opening the 1st bridge clearly showed less traffic density which reduced transportation times considerably, and it improved further in the course of the 1st week. But on friday evening the traffic jam was as massive as usual or even stronger due to vacation seekers from all over the mainland taking their chance to visit the new bridge for free during the 1st month.

Next time I will add some days off time to explore the local culture more than I could this time..

Opening ceremony of the Penang Second Bridge on 1 March 2014